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Let's face it, Revenue Canada is in the business of collecting as much tax revenue as legally possible. They may not give you the best advice on saving taxes. The best way to get good tax advice with your best interests in mind is to seek the advice of a Chartered Accountant.
Personal Taxes
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Who has to pay tax in Canada?
As a Canadian resident, you must report your income from all sources, both inside and outside Canada.

Federal and Provincial Personal
Income Tax

Residents of Canada are subject to Canadian income tax on their world income.  World income includes employment income, income from self-employment, income from investments (including rental income), taxable capital gains and a number of additional miscellaneous sources of income.

Ontario residents submit his or her federal and provincial taxes together, on the same income tax return, which is due April 30 (June 15 if self-employed or the spouse of a self-employed).