Even if you can handle your own tax returns, an experienced professional that has extensive experience will exploit all possible deductions, which often means greater savings to you in the long run. We provide a full range of tax return filing services to a wide variety of personal and business clients. We use the latest technology together with detailed methods to assist in helping business and personal clients file all types of business and personal returns.

Filing on time is a challenge to most of us, especially small business owners already busy with the running of their operations. We work closely with you to implement tax strategies that ensure taxes are minimised or deferred and your tax burden reduced and we provide the support you need to file on time and avoid significant penalties and interest. If you have not filed Canadian income tax returns for a number of years, whatever the reason, please call us. We can help.

Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency can be a difficult, stressful and confusing process for many people. If you need to deal directly with Canada Revenue Agency for any reason, we can help. We have many years of experience negotiating with the CRA, and can intervene on your behalf to resolve disputes and launch or settle appeals.

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