Retire right! The top three goals of baby boomers are: home ownership, education funding and retirement planning. How much will you really need when you retire? What impact will inflation have on your savings? How can you be sure you will have enough for a worry free and secure retirement?

Today, when people live longer and retire earlier, there is a risk that retirees may outgrow their savings. A combination of attitude and propensity for procrastination can eventually lead to a serious shortage of funds. Donít get caught unprepared, a longer retirement period together with inflation and taxes could leave you without adequate income. To ensure success, you need a financial plan tailored to your specific requirements including a budget that you can live with now, in order to live better in retirement.

You have the right to be concerned when you have experienced those who want to rush you through the decision process. We invest the time required to understand your specific needs to determine exactly how much you need to save and what type of investments are required to generate an adequate return for you. When developing an investment strategy, we keep an eye on the future: as we get older we look for an element of capital preservation. Our overall investment goal is growth and performance with lower risk.

We pride ourselves in building long term relationships with clients and share their goal of ensuring a successful and well managed financial plan. We work very closely with our clients to develop a sound financial plan designed to meet their specific needs. We assist in the implementation of plans and focus on the achievement of well defined financial goals with the objective of achieving peace of mind through financial freedom and security.

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