The subject of personal finances is broad, covering topics from how to spend your tax refund or whether to buy a home. Every choice has consequences, so chose wisely! Make the best decisions possible for you, using thorough research and by learning from the experts.

Pay yourself first!  Managing your personal finances now is critical to your future financial success. Why get started now? Putting off saving will always be tempting, after all, the time when money will be needed can seem like a long way off and there's always something else to spend the money on. But if you want to make saving for the important things in your life affordable, the best way is to start saving right away.

The following articles and/or links are guides to some of the information and websites we have found useful:

  • The following link has several calculators to determine financial requirements and expectations for such things as the cost of a mortgage, or how much you are spending:
    Yahoo Finance (
  • The following link to the Globe and Mail, Personal Finance section has interesting articles that change on a regular basis:
    Globe & Mail Personal Finance (
  • 2012
  • Be Mortgage Free Faster  - pdf
  • 2011
  • The Great Mortgage Debate:Fixed or Variable  - pdf
  • 2010
  • Reasons to love market volatility  - pdf
  • Top 10 Tips when buying a home  - pdf
  • 2009
  • 2009 TFSA Update  - pdf
  • CRA Pamphlet How the TFSA Works  - pdf
  • 2009 Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA's)  - pdf
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