Because all profitable business is all about cash flow, you need sound business planning to more accurately project timing to maintain a positive cash position for optimal business performance. No cash flow, no profit. Yet, despite this universal truth, many small businesses do not have any formal type of cash flow management or financing strategy, and as a direct result, it costs them money. Having a financing plan that accurately matches up with your cash flow needs will result in not having to suddenly go after additional financing at the last minute, or worse when payments are already overdue.

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  • The following link to the Government of Ontario, Business Service Centre has valuable insight into what is required to start a business. Such things as how to get financing and whether or not to have a partner is covered.
    Checklists for going into business
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  • If you have been operating a successful home business for some time and feel that you have moved beyond the start-up phase, it may be time to start considering a number of areas that can help grow your business. The following article prepared by Saskatchewan Regional Economic and Co-operative Development, is a useful guide to growing a home based business: