On March 26, 2009 the Ontario Governbment tabled its 2009 Budget. The attached article entitled Ontario 2009 Budget:Summary is a brief summary of key items likely be of interest to our clients.

Perhaps the most significant item in the 2009 Budget is the proposed Sales Tax Harmonization about which there will, no doubt, be considerable debate.  The budget proposes to eliminate Ontario's retail sales tax and to adopt a federally administered single value-added sales tax or "harmonized tax" beginning July 1, 2010.  This article contains more details about this and other proposed budget items and we hope you will find it useful.

The following links direct you to the Government of Ontario website where you may find a full detailed news release as well as highlights of the Ontario 2007 Budget:
    Ministry of Finance - 2007 Ontario Budget (
    Ministry of Finance - Ontario Budget 2007 Highlights( )