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Mar, 2009 Tracadie-Sheila, NB :   Since 1978 Jacques has been part of our life when it comes to my businesses and financial planning. Over the years he has consistently maximized our tax savings on both personal and business levels. He has given us advice on all matters of business finance, estate planning, and our RRSP's. His professionalism and knowledge has helped us tremendously with capital gains, audits and appeals which we won in all cases. In short, Jacques has always been there for us and we trust him. Thank you Jacques. We don't know what we would do without you. You're a good friend.George & Jeannie Gaggio

Jan, 2008, Richmond Hill, ON:  Jacques has handled both our company and personal taxes for the first time this year. We are so grateful to him for his patience and advice. His personal attention and total flexibility with regard to our business and personal needs was unexpected and very, very much appreciated. See you next year Jacques. Sam and Enza Campanella, Hollywood Panini

Aug, 2005, Scarborough, ON.  Jacques has advised and assisted me with my Retirement Savings Planning for the past twenty years or more. His advice was what guided me in my savings and retirment planning. There is no doubt that without Jacques, I definitely would not have made the conscious effort to save with a view to retirement. Now, conmfortably retired at 55 I am grateful to him every day. Thank you Jacques! Lyn Kouramanis

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