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What We Do:  We provide a complete range of services from the preparation and filing of tax returns to financial planning, consulting, accounting and payroll. This page briefly describes what we do. You will find much more in-depth information about all of these services on our SERVICES pages.
What We Do
We work closely with our clients to understand and assist with all areas of personal and corporate financial requirements. The following is a brief description of what we do.

TAX RETURNS:  Even if you can handle your own tax returns, an experienced professional that has extensive experience will exploit all possible deductions, which often means greater savings to you in the long run. We provide a full range of tax return filing services to a wide variety of personal and business clients, and we use the latest technology.   [read more...]


Our PracticeOur combined client base and extensive experience gives us the unique ability and strong insight into the most effective operations for Canadian business to attain maximum profit and growth.